Department Administration

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department Admnistration Description


      1. Finalize student groups and topics in IV year I Semester.
      2. Review and approve the projects
      3. Monitor the progress with student groups three times during the duration of project.
      4. Approving project submission.
      5.  Internal evaluation at the end of the project.
      6. Identify best projects.
      7. Submit copies of project reports to library.
      8. Collect titles and synopsis from faculty and ensure entry of these in Project Compendium.
      9. Ensure entry of best projects in Project Arcade.
      10. The committee shall meet twice in a semester.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr.B.Siva Prasad,Assoc Professor, HOD, Chair person

    2. Mr.Sk.Sultan, Asst.Professor

    3. Dr.M.A.Khadar Baba,Professor

    4. Dr.K.Ravikumar,Professor 

    5. Mr.R.Kumara swamy,Asst Professor


    1.Provide adequate support and assistance in formulating the educational objectives of the program being offered by the respective department of engineering and technology.

    2. Provide suggestions and recommendations on the opportunities to introduce new programs in response to the needs o a specific profession, industry or public sector.

    3. Provide guidance on the competencies and skills required by graduates and suggestions to fill the curricular gaps to meet the competencies required by the industry demand.

    4. Provides suggestions on the overall curriculum framework in accordance with the requirement of the statutory bodies once it gets the status of autonomy.

    5. Provides Suggestions on the intervention of innovative teaching methodologies for a continuous improvement in the journey of academic excellence.

    6. Suggest strategies supporting experimential educational opportunities in industry.

    7. Participate in the program review process pertaining to the assessment of the program learning outcomes and suggest solutions for continuous improvement.

    8. Provide advice on introducing research components and entrepreneurship initiatives in a simpler way appropriate to the level of graduation into the curriculum to develop research prospects.

    9.Provide advice on the technological trends and changes in industry.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr B.Siva Prasad,Assoc.Professor & HOD(Chair person)

    2. Dr M.A.Khadar baba,Professor  (Institute Representative)

    3. Dr R.P.Das , Professor (Faculty Member)

    4. Dr K.Ravi Kumar, Professor (Faculty Member)

    5. Dr N.N.S.V.Rama Raju , Professor (Faculty Member)

    6. Ms B.Divya (Student Member)

    7. Mr G.V.Vamsi  (Student Member)

    8. Ms B.Harika (Alumni)

    9. Mr S.Vamsi (Alumni) 


      1. Get budget for academic year wise and consolidate for submission to accounts.
      2. Monitor use of funds and ensure records are maintained both at the lab and office department.
      3. Solicit and scrutinize budget for seminars/guest lectures etc., from the organizing faculty before finalizing and keep a record of the same in department.
      4. For any additional unexpected resource requirements, plan for getting approval.
      5. Discuss and take action for sanction of any additional resource not envisaged in the budget if need arises.
      6. The committee shall meet Monthly once.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr.B.Siva Prasad, Assoc.Professor,HOD,Chair person

    2. Mrs.M.V.S.Roja Ramani, Asst..Professor

    3. Mr.M.Ganesh,Asst.Professor

    4. Mr.K.Rajasekhar, Asst.Professor

    5. Mr. P.V.J.Rajkumar, Asst.Professor


      1. Prepare a list of books of relevance and also of Journals/magazines with price for getting them to Library.
      2. Obtain necessary approval and plan for procurement.
      3. Intimate students/staff regarding availability and new arrivals on regular basis.
      4. Maintain accession register and issue register.
      5. The committee shall meet twice in a semester.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr.B.Siva Prasad, Assoc. Professor,HOD,Chair person

    2. Mr.M.Veeraiah, Asst. .Professor

    3. Mr.M.Ganesh,Asst.Professor

    4. Mr.P.Sahitya Kiran,Asst.Professor


    1. The students approach the Cell to voice their grievances regarding academic and non academic matters.
    2. The cell redresses the grievances at individual and class level and grievances of common interest.
    3. Students are encouraged to use the suggestion box placed on the campus to express constructive suggestions and grievances.
    4. Complaints dropped in the ‘Suggestion Box’ by students and oral complaints are also redressed.
    5. The Department assures students that once a complaint is made, it will be treated with confidentiality.
    6. The committee shall meet Monthly once & whenever required.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr.B.Siva Prasad,Assoc. Professor,HOD,Chair person

    2. Mrs.M.V.S.Roja Ramani,Asst.Professor 

    3. Mrs.A.Vijayasri,Asst.Professor

    4. Mr.P.V.J.Rajkumar,Asst.Professor

    5. Mrs.G.Mohana Durga, Asst.Professor


      1. To receive and attend the parents / guardians in the college.
      2. To inform about the low attendance or poor Marks of the students, if any, to the concerned Parents.
      3. The committee shall meet Monthly once.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr. B.Siva Prasad, Assoc.Professor,HOD,Chair person

    2. Mrs.G.Mohana Durga, Asst.Professor

    3. Mr.P.Sahitya Kiran,Asst.Professor

    4. Mrs.G.Moulika, Asst.Professor

    5. Mrs.V.Aswani ,Asst.Professor 


    1. Identify thrust areas and specific topics on which to work further.

    2.  Identify the faculty who would be working on those areas.

    3. Decide if the same can be applied for funding or to request management for funding.

    4. Identify funding agencies, forward applications and maintain records.

    5. Draw action plan for implementation and monitor the same.

    6. The committee shall meet twice in a semester.

    Committee Members

    1. Dr.B.Siva Prasad,Assoc. Professor,HOD,Chair person

    2. Dr.M.A.Khadar Baba,Professor    

    3. Dr.K.Ravikumar, Professor                   

    4. Mr.Y.Sravana Kumar, Asst Professor